Preventive Maintenance

Custom PMI Field Truck
Our customize PMI field truck has increased capacity to perform entire fluid changes on large machines.
Bulk Storage
Fluids are purchased in bulk to ensure the consistent quality of the dispensed oils.
Oil Analysis
Oil samples are reviewed by senior staff members to monitor the internal health of components.
Deferred Items
Items noted during the PMI are compiled and placed into a report for review by the customer.
Forecasting is performed by a 5 level deep algorithm to accurately predict the next PMI date.
Machine History
Every labor repair and part is compiled into a machine history. Cost reports for the customer are available upon request.
Detailed Inspection
95% of our customers elect to have a detailed inspection performed during the PM service.

Preventive Maintenance doesn't need to be a hassle or a headache. We can fully customize a PMI program to fit any size of operation and budget.

With our custom built tracking system, we strive to ensure that nothing "falls through the cracks" and no rock is left unturned. We compile a detailed history on every unit to make sure no issue, no matter how small, is overlooked.

Our custom PMI field truck is equipped with metered lube equipment to ensure precise measuring of the fluids. All used fluids and filters are properly disposed of according to federal and state regulations.