Customer Testimonials.

Kenneth Collier - Fleet Manager
Kenneth Collier - Fleet Manager Cemex USA
To those in need of repairs to their Heavy Equipment. Let me just say there is one name to remember. Gil’s Heavy Equipment repairs for all makes and models of off road equipment. As a member of the Fleet Management team at a large Ready Mix Concrete Company here in the Houston area I am in charge of our Wheel Loaders, Fork Lifts, and Skid Steer equipment. As things have evolved we are left with eight different Brands of equipment to manage our day to day business. We have found over the years through much trial and error that it is advantageous to have a maintenance team that understands our needs. Our business is in part based on our ability to move our product when the customer needs it .A wheel loader that is broken can control the use of up to thirty trucks and can force us to haul our product much longer distances which usually means we give a less than stellar performance due to scheduling and to traffic issues. Gil’s understands this need for uptime and does an excellent job of keeping our equipment operational and maintained to a dependable standard. Depending on the situation they make every effort to get our equipment back up and running and if a repair is not possible due to parts availability they always try to give me enough warning and “heads up” that I can take steps to move another machine into place. For me there is only one name and one number to call for all my heavy equipment repairs “GIL’S
Mike Harris - Equipment Manager
Mike Harris - Equipment Manager LEM Construction Co, Inc.
We’ve been using Gil’s Heavy Equipment Repair for many years. They are the only Heavy Equipment Repair Company that we use. I used other repair companies in the past, and found they weren’t reliable. With Gil’s, I found a company that is trustworthy and does excellent work. They also warranty their work. In addition, they do all my Preventive Maintenance. They keep up with the hours and send me a detailed report of any issues that we need to address before they become a major problem. They will analyze the fluids and email a report with the results. My salesman, Alan Franklin is always eager to take care of our needs, and communicates to me accurately and timely. I would highly recommend Gil’s to anyone who needs excellent heavy equipment repair shop.
Greg McKellar - President
Greg McKellar - President Lexton Construction, LLC.
Gil and his staff are true professionals in the heavy equipment service and repair industry!!! They actually care about the customer's needs, they are all very personable and informative. I will most certainly recommend Gil’s Heavy Equipment Repair to all my friends and family or anyone else that may need heavy equipment service.
I had a D6R that my local dealer came and looked at that was having problems shifting. The mechanic was unable to establish communications to the machine and subsequently condemned the entire transmission. Wanting a second opinion, I contacted Gil’s Heavy Equipment Repair. Their mechanic was able to repair the electrical system in order to communicate with the transmission controller. He did not find enough evidence to condemn the transmission itself, but the unit was taken to their facility for further testing. After sending it to Gil’s, it was determined the problem was related to a poor electrical harness and shift solenoids. This machine was returned to services and runs flawlessly now with no issues. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, Gil’s is the only company I will call.